• Your data, reporting for duty
  • Your data, reporting for duty
  • Your data, reporting for duty
  • Your data, reporting for duty
  • Your data, reporting for duty
  • Your data, reporting for duty

Your data, reporting for duty

A simple yet powerful software ecosystem for F&B businesses.

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A brain for your business

A brain for your business

The key benefit of an ecosystem solution is the control of all micro-services and their orchestration at the right point, at the right time in your natural course of business.

All of the benefit without the extra effort.

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Over 1,000+ data points leveraged in a million+ calculations, just for you.

Split Bill Add Order Item Kitchen Order Mgmt Sales

Point of Sale

  • Intuitive & highly configurable iPad POS system : Key POS features include: Full order lifecycle, item or bill-level discounts & refunds. automated-tax & service charges, table transfers, choice of paper & email receipts.
  • Native and wireless back of house: Integrated Kitchen Management system with “86” menu item feature.
  • Simple & competitive rates on all transactions: Flexible payment acceptance wtih multiple split bill options.
  • No downtime, no problem: Offline mode ensures wifi network issues do not impact operations.
Reconciliation Liabilities Cashflow Liquidity

Accounting for all of the non-accountants

  • Complete & fully-integrated accounting module: Includes core accounting functions such as: general ledger, chart of accounts, sales, expenses (one-off & scheduled), & liability management. Once setup, watch the other modules handle your accounting automatically.
  • AI-based bank reconciliations: Proprietary bank statement parsers for all major Singapore banks read your statements, classify your entries, and auto-match with your GL entries. Your approvals & rejections of matches make it smarter over time.
  • Seamless store-to-group requests: All store data is instantly viewable at the Group level and adjustable threshold expense approval requests available for quick Group acceptance or rejection.
  • Objective targets lead to real results: Set manageable goals for your team by creating a budget forecast for each store that leads to budget vs. actual comparison checks.
  • Have multiple entities, not systems: Many multi-store restaurant businesses have multiple legal entities. Inter-entity transactions and “ring-fenced” reporting for different entity stakeholders is not a problem with General Manager’s Group Module capabilities.
Summary Order Menu Popularity

Inventory management that you'll actually use

  • Quicker shelf-to-sheet inventory counts: Omni-channel, FIFO-based system takes new counts and waste reports to automatically calculate actual usage for variance reporting.
  • Automated order management tasks: Create favourite recurring orders or submit orders to multiple suppliers via email with a single push of a button. Auto-create supplier expenses in the Finance module upon a confirming the order deliveries.
  • Centralised ingredient, recipe, & menu item management: Easy linkages from ingredient-level up to menu item-level, allowing for accurate margin measurement and tracking.
  • Highlight variances between expected & actual inventory levels: Get to the bottom of employee theft, portioning issues, recipe shrinkage, etc.
Scheduler Swap Payroll

Lighten the HR load

  • Game-changing "schedule & forget" : Instantaneous schedule distribution to employees via staff mobile app, GoHRGo, to ensure quick turnaround on potential conflicts and enable staff communal self-management.
  • Payroll-as-you-go: The end of the month doesn't have to be so painful. Remove redundant data entry with intuitive linkage between confirmed daily schedules, accrued payroll costs, and eventual payroll expenses.
  • Digital staff policy to minimise costs & confusion: Address overtime costs before they occur with a customizable overtime threshold and alert settings. Choose payroll period convention & set employee benefits such as leave and medical claim standards, meal allowances, and variable pay rules for easy auto-population during staff onboarding.
  • Secure employee data management: Personal and tax-related data, scheduling preferences, leave/medical allowances and usage, documentation attachments, and all payroll-related accruals and payments for given user-defined periods.
Onlife Analytics

Extra features that will make the chains jealous

  • Intuitive and purpose-built analytics: View actionable dashboards and reports at a summarized or detailed level over a given time period.
  • Dedicated staff mobile app, GoHRGo: Geo-location mobile check-in/out, digital payslips, messaging, self-serve grab, swap, and give-up shifts...what's not to love?
  • Aggregate online customer feedback with Onlife: Consolidate insightful data from top review and rating sites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, Urbanspoon, etc., compares performance against equivalent competitor data to create actionable alerts.
  • Digitise your manager's daily clipboard: Track “hygiene factor” checklists, take meeting notes, set reminders of events/actions, and raise and manage issues. No more lost notes with a powerful historical search to find all related content in a single, chronological list.